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Six Togolese Professional Footballers Killed In Bus Crash

Late on Saturday night in Africa, early Saturday evening in the Americas, terrible news came out that six Togolese professional footballers were killed in a bus crash. The team involved was Etoile Filante, who was traveling away to Semassi for a league fixture on Sunday. In addition to the six players who have been killed, another 28 people have been critically injured.


In an absolutely terrible accident, the bus carrying the team went off the road into a ravine and caught fire. Reportedly, the cause of the accident was a blown tire that caused the driver to lose control, which subsequently caused the bus to flip over and go off the road, into the ravine.


Faure Gnassingbe, the president of Togo, had the injured taken to a military hospital in the capital city of Lome. Lome is nearly 100 miles from the site of the accident.


News doesn't get much more terrible than this.