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VIDEO: Neymar Scores Goal That Only Neymar Could Score

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At some point Neymar going all Neymar on us and scoring fansational goals is going to get old and we won't care anymore. He does it kind of always so eventually were going to reach a point where we don't care anymore, right? Maybe we will (we won't), but we definitely know that that point is not now. See the goal below and try to keep from drooling. Or do drool. I don't know what's culturally acceptable where you live.

See that's dribble, dribble, dribble, pass. Get the ball back. Around defender with more dribble, dribble, dribble, then goal, goal, goal. It's mildly impressive if you replace the "mildly" with "holy hell." Be impressed. Drool. Lash yourself and wonder why you cant do this and try to figure out where you failed in life.

(Yes, his hair is still stupid, but if you were that good you could have stupid hair too)