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Antonio Cassano Undergoes Successful Heart Surgery

29-year-old AC Milan forward Antonio Cassano is expected to be released from hospital at the end of the weekend after successful heart surgery. The striker suffered a transient ischaemic attack - a mini-stroke, to use the layman's term on Saturday following Milan's match against Roma and has been kept in hospital since. The surgery fixed a congenital defect in the Italy international's heart that contributed to the problem, and, fortunately, Milan are saying that it went well:

The procedure on Antonio Cassano's patent foramen ovale finished at 8:35 am and all has gone well. The cardiac procedure to close his patent foramen ovale in Antonio's heart was done under local anaesthetic. The procedure was carried out by Professor Mario Carminati and Milan's team doctor Rodolfo Tavana was present.

Cassano is still expected to be out of action for most of the rest of the season as he gradually recovers, and his place at the 2012 European Championships will also be at risk. There are more important things than football, however, and it sounds as though he'll be ok. Although he might have to cut down on the cake.