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AC Milan Offer, Manchester City Reject Bid For Carlos Tevez

"It'll be a long negotiation process," admits Adriano Galliani about AC Milan's attempts to woo Carlos Tevez away from Manchester City. Well, perhaps "woo" isn't quite the right word in this context. The rossoneri had a deal in place with the Argentine himself, but the oil sheiks at City didn't really appreciate Milan attempting a test-run with Tevez. The Italians wanted a non-binding loan, with a €23m option to buy, but City aren't fools. They realize if they want the sulky forward off their hands, it's only going to happen with a binding agreement. Give Tevez an inch and he'll come running back to Manchester.

And so the process continues -- you didn't think you'd get through January without seeing headlines dominated by Tevez, did you? No, City will realize that there are clubs out there desperate to pay over the odds for a forward. Milan will offer more, PSG will step in, and ultimately Carlitos will continue to waste away on the bench. It's all rather sad, really.