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Charlie Davies In Year - Long Loan Agreement With DC United

It's official: DC United have signed striker Charlie Davies on loan from FC Sochaux for the 2011 season, with a press conference coming at 2 PM ET to announce the deal. United report that Davies underwent the full accoutrement of medical testing to ensure he wasn't hampered by injuries sustained in the horrific car wreck of October 2009. Davies impressed both mentally and physically and the club is thrilled to have him on board.

Due to being in the top spot in the MLS allocation ranking, DC had first dibs on requiring the forward. The terms of the deal had already been negotiated when Davies headed out to United's training camp in Florida, but the club wanted to be absolutely sure Davies was in top condition. With that hurdle out of the way, United fans can look forward to watching Davies as he helps the club rebuild after its dismal run last season. But more than that, fans of both DC and the USA will be thrilled to have a close up look as Davies rebuilds himself, looking to regain his spot in the national side.