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Aston Villa Vs. Fulham: John Pantsil Own Goal Gives Villa The Lead

John Pantsil has scored his third own goal for Fulham this season in the 13th minute at Villa Park. Aston Villa have been patient but quick in their buildup, relying not on crosses for movement but fast passes through the back. In this case, however, Stewart Downing sent in a beautiful cross from the right side,expecting to find Darren Bent. Bent was a bit gunshy, though, holding back after hearing the whistle when putting the ball inside the Fulham net. Instead, it was Pantsil that charged forward, executing a perfect header into the bottom corner of the net.

Pantsil has never scored for Fulham, but gifted three teams with goalscoring abilities. In his defense, however, Gabriel Agbonlahor was racing up beside him. Had he not taken charge of the ball, Agbonlahor would have undoubtedly scored. However, Fulham fans must be wondering if Pantsil has some other technique, some way of defending that does not lead to an own-goal.