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Dwayne De Rosario Forced Trade, Toronto FC Coach Aron Winter Says

If you've been paying attention, this should come as little surprise, but Toronto FC coach Aron Winter says Dwayne De Rosario forced the trade that ultimately sent him to the New York Red Bulls in exchange for two players and a draft pick. De Rosario, who made no secret of his desire to be paid more than the more than $400,000 he made last year, wanted a Designated Player contract, but TFC was either unwilling or unable to give it to him according to a story at

"I’ve heard a lot of things about what Dwayne is saying, that he didn’t want to trade or whatever," the coach said following TFC’s 1-1 draw with Chivas USA here on Saturday. "But what I want to be clear to everybody is that we had a very good offer for the first three years, and he was not happy with that, and then he came to us to ask to be traded, and that’s the real story. We’ve made, I think, a good trade with him because we have opened up cap space to invest more to rebuild our team. And we have got two good players back. That was the reason."