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SB Nation MLS Power Rankings, Week 6: Colorado Rapids Drop From First Tier

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Not a lot of movement this week between tiers as the Colorado Rapids were the only team to change tiers, falling into Tier 2 after their third straight loss. The Rapids, though, are still getting a fair amount of support, appearing in Tier 1 on nine of the 22 ballots cast by SB Nation's soccer editors.

There was at least one other team that made a significant move, although not enough of one to actually change tiers. Sporting Kansas City, which lost for the third time this week and has not won since Week 1, went from the precipice of Tier 2 into the bowels of Tier 3.

The most curious cases of tier neglect is probably the Columbus Crew, which is riding a league-best five-match unbeaten streak yet sits near the bottom of Tier 3. The Crew received just two Tier 2 votes, as compared to six Tier 4 votes. Obviously, their results have failed to impress many of our editors.

As always, I've turned over the explanations of the various tiers to our editors:

Playing For The Shield

Real Salt Lake

100% (66 out of 66 points)

New York Red Bulls

92% (61 out of 66 points)

Los Angeles Galaxy

89% (59 out of 66 points)

A rejuvenated David Beckham, combined with a scoring (finally) Chad Barret is paying dividends for the Los Angeles Galaxy. Already blessed with some of the better defenders in MLS and one of the more athletic goalkeepers in Donovan Ricketts, the Galaxy just need their offense to get in gear to put them back into the discussion as one of the top teams in MLS. 10 points from 8 games isn't great, but it does leave LAG in first place in the West.

- Scott Kessler, Brotherly Game

Enjoy The Playoffs

Colorado Rapids

77% (51 out of 66 points)

Philadelphia Union

75% (50 out of 66 points)

Seattle Sounders

60% (40 out of 66 points)

Colorado isn't really 'in' Tier 2 in my mind when it comes to the quality of the team. It's simply their record that knocked them down right now, at 3-3 without a goal the last couple of games. To be fair to the guys, the last two losses were under pretty bad circumstances after a 0-0 tie in Salt Lake being ruined only by one of the worst calls of the season by the linesman in the dying moments and the Seattle loss coming with 10 men on the field for 87 minutes. If the Rapids have a good showing against the Chicago Fire they'll be back in the top tier for me, but right now it's simply the three losses in a row that have knocked them down a peg, since to me there has to be at least a little compliment for form in the rankings.

- Chris "UZ" White, Burgundy Wave

Still Something To Prove

FC Dallas

48% (32 out of 66 points)

Houston Dynamo

45% (30 out of 66 points)

DC United

39% (26 out of 66 points)

San Jose Earthquakes

31% (21 out of 66 points)

New England Revolution

30% (20 out of 66 points)

Sporting Kansas City

28% (19 out of 66 points)

Chicago Fire

24% (16 out of 66 points)

Portland Timbers

24% (16 out of 66 points)

Columbus Crew

24% (16 out of 66 points)

Vancouver Whitecaps

18% (12 out of 66 points)

The third tier continues to get more jumbled up by the week for me. While the Columbus Crew are each on a five-game unbeaten run, I still have little motivation to move them up here. If they could find their scoring touch I'd consider it given the way their defense has played this season. I think the New England Revolution could also move up here soon too with Benny Feilhaber and company showing that they know how to score now. But then there is the San Jose Earthquakes, who continue to come up short each week. Losing at home to one of the worst clubs in the league (Chivas USA), proves to me that Frank Yallop has a lot of work to do, particularly in the midfield where they have no go-to guy right now that is stepping up to lead this club.

- Drew Epperley, SB Nation soccer

At Least There's No Relegation

Toronto FC

4% (3 out of 66 points)

Chivas USA

3% (2 out of 66 points)

Despite getting their first win of the season (away from home, no less)I still think Chivas are deserving of a spot in the lowest tier. A few more performances of that ilk might sway me, but this team has just had far too much trouble scoring goals to think they're realistic playoff contenders.

- Aaron Campeau, SB Nation soccer

How It Works: Each of the 20 participants puts Major League Soccer's clubs into one of the four tiers. Teams in the top tier get three points. Next tier, two points, then one, then zero. Voters can put as many teams into each tier as they see fit. Though the vote total orders the teams, the clubs are intended to be grouped, not sorted. Although some of the names may indicate otherwise, the point of this is to assess current form and our voters are instructed to place teams in tiers based how those teams will fair in coming weeks.

Who participated: Jeremiah Oshan (SB Nation, soccer); Kevin McCauley (SB Nation, soccer); Aaron Campeau (SB Nation, soccer); Ryan Rosenblatt (SB Nation, soccer); Drew Epperley (SB Nation, soccer); Phillip Quinn (SB Nation, soccer); Steve Davis (Daily Soccer Fix); Martin Shatzer (Black and Red United); Scott Kessler (Brotherly Game); Chris "UZ" White (Burgundy Wave); Zach Woosley (Dynamo Theory); Denzel Eslinger (RSL Soapbox); Robert Jonas (Quake, Rattle and Goal); Daniel Robertson (Big D Soccer); Dave Clark (Sounder at Heart); Andy Edwards (The Daily Wiz); Geoff Gibson (Stumptown Footy), Duncan Fletcher (Waking the Red), Steve Stoehr (The Bent Musket); Tweed Thornton (Hot Time in Old Town), Ben Schneider (Once a Metro); Jeff King (The Goat Parade).