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Goal Scoring Droughts, You Have Been Vanquished!

With Edin Dzeko's goal for Manchester City today against Blackburn Rovers, four of the footballing world's most high-profile goal scoring droughts have ended in a period of four days. Dzeko, Chelsea's Fernando Torres, Barcelona's David Villa, and Boca Juniors' Martin Palermo have all suffered from lengthy goal droughts have have been discussed ad nauseam, and all four players ended those droughts in a period of three days.

First, it was Torres, finally scoring in a Chelsea shirt after going nearly 1000 minutes of play in the Premier League without a goal. Minutes later, in sunny Spain, Villa snapped his own goal streak, scoring after 11 scoreless games in La Liga.

Later that night, Palermo, the legendary Boca Juniors striker would find the net as well. Despite his age - 37 years young - Palermo has started every game in the 2011 Clausura. For 11 games, he failed to find the back of the net, and his lack of goals didn't even begin to describe his poor form. In the 81st minute of Boca's match against Huracan, Palermo finally found the back of the net.

And finally, today, Dzeko did the same as the three men before him, scoring for the first time since his massive January transfer to Manchester City. Obviously, now that the world's four most famously out of form strikers have scored, the whole world of football is now about to experience a giant barrage of goals.