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VIDEO: Javier Mascherano, Pedro, And Sergio Busquets All Fake Head Injuries

If it seems like I'm picking on Barcelona too much right now, well, they shouldn't be acting like pillocks and helping to ruin what should have been a perfectly entertaining football match. That isn't to say Real Madrid don't dive, or that my/your favourite teams don't dive, but since the ridiculous amount of acting during the Champions League semifinal between Barca and Madrid is topical, that's what I'm using.

And that doesn't even include Dani Alves being stretchered off after Pepe's red card before coming back on and being totally fine. Real Madrid might have the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo on their team, and Barcelona have some excellent, honest players, but the videos above are a total embarrassment to the club and the entire game of football. As annoying as a defensive strategy with persistent fouling is, at least that's playing within the overarching rules of the game itself.

If I were playing for Madrid I'd be strongly tempted to have punched someone in the face at full time on principle. They deserve a free hit or three.