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Dwayne De Rosario Should Be Missed, But He Won't

There were lots of good reasons for Toronto to embrace Dwayne De Rosario during his two-plus seasons with his hometown team. Yet, here he is walking out the door and the only people apparently shedding tears are kids who don't know any better. Waking the Red, SB Nation's Toronto FC blog, tries to assess where blame belongs in the whole sorted affair.

Despite his status as MLS superstar and one of the most exciting Canadian players out there in the last decade or so, and despite all the goals he scored for Toronto, De Rosario became a polarising player among supporters, especially when he took his frustrations public towards the end of his TFC career, and at the end, supporters let him leave with a whimper. The game against Chivas, within 24 hours of the trade, saw no protests, no banners, no songs for De Ro. He should have retired a Red, leaving the field after a teary lap of honour to a standing ovation, instead we got this.

Waking the Red has a second post planned that will look at where Toronto FC goes from here. One thing we know for sure, they have plenty of work to do.