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WATCH: Heurelho Gomes, Linesman Both Make Huge Errors To Gift Chelsea Goal

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Chelsea were on the back foot against Tottenham Hotspur after a phenomenal strike from Brazilian midfielder Sandro, but they leveled on the brink of half time after a speculative long-range effort by Frank Lampard was somehow fumbled by Heurelho Gomes. Although the goalkeeper scrambled back to claw the ball away, a goal was given by the linesman and Chelsea had their equaliser. Except they really, really didn't. Check it out:

via Mocksession

If that's over the line, I am the Duchess of Cambridge. Yikes. That's a terrible call by the linesman, who to be fair was in no position to make it with a shot coming in from a very long way out. Chelsea fans will say that Lampard deserved it after his goal at the World Cup against Germany was famously incorrectly ruled out, but one has to imagine that Tottenham fans find the concept of Lampard's personal karma affecting them immensely annoying. Yet more ammunition for those in favour of instant replay, one would suspect.