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How The Last-Day Premier League Relegation Battle Played Out

The last weekend of the Premier League season was a wild one, with four teams (plus the already-doomed West Ham United) in the relegation zone at some point between 4 and 6 PM GMT on Sunday. As we all know, Birmingham City and Blackpool were the unfortunates who ended up relegated, but just how long did each side spend sweating their position?

Your answer (in graphical form!) is after the jump.

For the record, that's Wigan Athletic with 74 minutes in the relegation zone today - they only jumped out of 18th place when Blackpool conceded an own goal to Manchester United in the 74th minute, and then shortly afterwards scored through Hugo Rodallega to secure 16th.

Wolverhampton, who ended up in 17th, only had two brief stays in the drop zone. They were never in 19th, but spent nine minutes around halftime in 18th and then found themselves in 18th again from the 79th minute until Stephen Hunt rescued them with an 87th minute strike. Wolves cut that one mighty, mighty close.

Relegated Birmingham City held out through the first half but dropped to 19th after a 49th minute goal by Roman Pavlyuchenko. Craig Gardner looked to have rescued them half an hour later, but Hunt's goal for Wolves put them back in line for the drop and an injury time winner from Pavlyuchenko merely confirmed their relegation. City spent a total of 36 minutes in the drop zone.

Blackpool also drop down to the Championship, having spent more than an hour in 18th an 19th. However, they also had quite a long spell in 16th as well, on the virtue of being 2-1 up (and then level at 2-2) against Manchester United at Old Trafford. That all fell apart, of course, on the basis of Ian Evatt's 74th minute own goal.

It's amazing how close Wolves came to the drop without having to face Championship football next season, and it must have been heartbreaking for Birmingham fans to come within five minutes of survival and not manage to escape. That's not even mentioning Wigan's crazy record - I think you could probably describe Sunday's action as 'intense'.