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UEFA Champions League Final 2011: Big Payday For Both Teams In $300M Match

We all know how prestigious the UEFA Champions League is. It's the most important competition in club football and the trophy is the target of the biggest, best clubs in the world. Today at Wembley, Manchester United and Barcelona are playing for more than just pride, however - they're going for a huge financial windfall as well. The match is worth a lot of money to both sides, but the difference between winner and loser is massive: £46M ($77M).

That's not to say that the losing side won't be making plenty of money. Whoever wins will rake in £109M ($181M) and the losers will be getting £63M ($105M), hardly a figure to sneeze at. But the financial reward for winning this game (or, really, getting to the final) should be a major reason fans of domestic rivals root against same-country teams in the Champions League. Both United and Barcelona are going to get a huge, huge boost from this match, and that will give them a big advantage as they look to pay off debts and upgrade their rosters.

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