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UEFA Champions League Final 2011: Game Underway At Wembley Stadium

The 2011 UEFA Champions League final has kicked off at Wembley Stadium, with Barcelona in their traditional red and blue stripes while Manchester United wear a rather boring-looking white jersey. The jerseys aren't really what we came to watch, though - we're going to be getting an absolute show today from some of the best players in the world.The stadium is absolutely packed as well, and we've already been treated to an invasion of bowler-hat-wearing dancers for some reason.

Anyway. To the game. United kick us off and hilariously give Barcelona the ball within two seconds of the match starting, Wayne Rooney trying to ping the ball wide to Antonio Valencia and knocking the ball straight out of play. However, they win it right back through Park Ji-Sung, and force their way through the Barcelona defence, eventually giving the ball to Victor Valdes on an attempted cross. Good start for United, however. We'll see if they can keep it up.

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