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UEFA Champions League Final 2011: Strong Start For Manchester United

Manchester United are playing incredibly well, actually, bossing Barcelona all over the park and essentially giving them a taste of their own medicine. Javier Hernandez has actually managed to win possession back within eighteen yards of Victor Valdes' goal, which is something approaching miraculous considering how careful the Catalans are with the ball. They've even managed to tackle Lionel Messi thanks to Rio Ferdinand stepping up out of the defence.

The promising start mirrors the last game between these two sides in Rome in 2009. Obviously, that one didn't go too well for United, and they'll want to capitalise on this bright spell before they wear themselves out. They really are playing excellently, though - Javier Mascherano and Eric Abidal have been having major problems with Javier Hernandez and Antonio Valencia in particular. It's still 0-0 seven minutes in.

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