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UEFA Champions League Final 2011: Lionel Messi Makes It 2-1 Barcelona

Oh. My. Goodness. Lionel Messi had never scored on English soil, but that was never going to last. Manchester United were worried when the Argentinian forward picked up the ball 22 yards out with four defenders to beat, and they all backed off him expecting Messi to try to take them on. So instead of dribbling, he just smashed a viciously-curling left footed shot that ended up being just out of the reach of Edwin van der Sar, giving Barcelona the lead once more. It's been a dominant spell from the La Liga champions - can Manchester United come back yet again?

It's actually a real shame that van der Sar let that one in - it was possibly saveable and he'd just performed a heroic stop against Dani Alves at the near post. No sooner had Barcelona retrieved the ball, however, and they'd scored.2-1 in the 57th minute, and time is now ticking away.

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