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2011 Champions League Final: European Title No. 4 Just 19 Years After 1st - Barca Blaugranes

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The folks at SB Nation's Barcelona blog Barca Blaugranes are understandably in high spirits as they celebrate yet another huge win for their club, who find themselves in the rather fortunate position of being the dominant force in world football. It's hard to begrudge them this win, especially considering how beautifully they played.

But it's always refreshing when fans remember how different things were before their clubs became huge, and Adi-Oula Sebastian has done just that in their celebratory thread, reminding everyone that it's only been nineteen years since Barcelona's first win, and now they're up to four:

Whew, usually I try my best to be as objective as I can but for once I will just let my emotions take over. FC Barcelona won the Champions League, again! For the third time in five years, FC Barcelona have won Europe’s biggest prize. To put it in perspective, just 19 years ago FC Barcelona claimed their maiden [European championship], in Wembley!  The 2010/2011 football season has come to an end, at least in Europe. But the campaign ended with a big bang, a football match worthy of a final.

Football clubs rise and fall - they're not always going to rise as spectacularly as Barcelona, of course - and the La Liga giants aren't going to maintain their stranglehold on the mantle of 'best team in the world' forever. When one remembers that (and Sergio Busquets is playing like one of the best midfielders in the world rather than like a small child), it's much easier to appreciate just how excellent they are in the here and now.

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