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Memo To Soccer Fans: Sometimes, It's Better To 'Cheese Off'

There was a pretty important soccer match this weekend, as you may have heard. It was wonderfully played and a deserving champion was crowned. Some viewers of Minnesota's Fox 9, though, were apparently forced to share the Champions League experience with storm coverage.

Understandably, soccer fans were not happy about this. They called the TV station and complained. They sent them angry messages on Twitter and Facebook. And they were told to knock it off ... on air. IMSoccer found this video that illustrates the incident:

Admittedly, I'm not entirely up on Midwest lingo, so my apologies of the term "cheese off" is super offensive, but I'm going to kinda side with the TV station on this one. I realize other stations decided not to interrupt regularly scheduled programming for storm coverage, but if this was a significant storm, their actions seem pretty defensible.

Look guys, I can definitely understand your frustrations. If I didn't feel as though my life was in danger, I'd be "cheesed off" (am I using that right?) about not getting to watch an important match in its full glory. But the TV station has the moral high ground on this one. They were at least attempting to serve the public good. At some point, we need to realize when we're just being pests and doing the cause more harm than good. This seems to have been on of those times.