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Kei Kamara, You Are Off The Hook

Until yesterday (or whenever this actually happened), Kei Kamara of Sporting Kansas City was thought to have the worst miss in the history of football. Last year, in a game against the Los Angeles Galaxy, he completely whiffed on a ball that was rolling along the goal line before accidentally committing a handball after his swing and a miss. However, Kamara is now off the hook. Thanks to SB Nation's NASCAR editor Jeff Gluck, I have discovered a video of a football miss that is actually worse than Kamara's.


I'm legitimately excited about this, because I really like Kei Kamara and I am happy that he no longer has the most embarrassing miss in the history of the sport. This is mostly due to our shared love for Chipotle burritos. Video of Kamara's miss after the jump just for funsies.

Truly a fantastic miss, but the Brazilian local league miss above is better.