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Video: Kevin Goldthwaite Does Best Chicharito Impression

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No, your eyes did not deceive you. Yes, that was Kevin Goldthwaite doing his best Chicharito impression while scoring a back-heeled goal against the New York Red Bulls. Yes, that's the Kevin Goldthwaite who's a backup center back on the Portland Timbers. Yes, that's the same Kevin Goldthwaite who entered the game with three goals in his seven MLS seasons. Yes, that's the same Kevin Goldthwaite who spent parts of four seasons with the Red Bulls before being waived at the end of last year.

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I suppose it's not quite as pretty as you'd expect when you hear the phrase "back-heeled goal" but it's impressive nonetheless. The whole play, in fact, is quite impressive. Once again, Jack Jewsbury provides some quality service on a free kick; center back Eric Brunner makes a nice play to head it back into the box; and of course Goldthwaite finishes it off nicely. Hopefully, this play doesn't get lost in the madness that followed.