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USA Vs. Mexico, 2011 Gold Cup Final: Just Latest Chapter In Rivalry - RSL Soapbox

Many, many words have already been written about the United States-Mexico rivalry that will be renewed on Saturday in the Gold Cup final. RSL Soapbox, though, does us the favor of running down some of the reasons this is the best rivalry in North America:

Now the two sides battle it out as each side is trying to establish themselves as the top team in the region, but a look at the numbers since 2000 shows the US holds a huge edge in the 16 matches played 10-4-2. If you actually look a the three matches the sides have played at neutral sites since 1990, the USA holds a 2-1-0 record. Fans of Mexico are quick to point out that Mexico won the last Gold Cup which was played in the USA and they are correct, but US fans will quickly point out that the USA had brought a team of reserves and backup to the tournament that year as they focused their top players on the 2010 World Cup.