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Video: Conor Casey Takes A Chunk Out Of Will Hesmer

What do you do when you can't get to a ball before the goalkeeper? Go in with a tackle and kick the keeper in the face, of course. At least that's what Conor Casey must have been thinking when he went clattering into Will Hesmer on a play that got him the red card he so very much deserved.

At no point in time was that play by Casey a good idea. Goalkeepers are often overprotected with fouls being called for standing in one's way or for watching one of the goalkeeper's own teammates run into him, but it would be tough to argue against this red card. Hesmer wasn't injured on the play, but he very well could have.

Before even discussing whether or not Casey should have been sent of (don't even bother with that argument), let's discuss whether or not Casey should get an additional game's suspension. Going in on a keeper like that is completely reckless and if he got an extra game's suspension it certainly wouldn't be the worst decision MLS has made.