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Video: Is Steven Lenhart The Biggest Clown In MLS? He's Trying

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In a league filled with clowns, Steven Lenhart is trying his hardest to be the biggest of them all. He's done plenty of stupid things already in his career, but this one might top the rest. He heads the ball out of a goalkeeper's hands, then takes a soft arm like a bullet to draw a red card on Josh Saunders.

I'm pretty sure there is a rule somewhere in the rule book that you are automatically a tool if you try to head the ball out of the goalkeeper's hands. Because this is MLS, fairness prevailed and Lenhart only got a yellow card while Saunders was sent off. Sure, rules might have dictated one thing or another, but common sense does not dictate Saunders off and Lenhart on.

If there was any justice Lenhart would get a suspension from MLS for being a clown. The league probably won't and will refer to some FIFA rules that only allow for them to do something if something else happened and that doesn't apply here, but room for common sense to get stupidity like this out of the league would be nice too. It just probably won't come.