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Women's World Cup 2011, USA Vs. North Korea: Hope Solo Injured, But Playing For U.S. Women

Last September, the United States women's starting goalkeeper, Hope Solo, underwent serious surgery on her right shoulder. It was questionable whether or not she would be able to return to the USWNT in time for the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup, but she was, incredibly, completely healthy by May. Solo was penciled in as the starter in goal as a result, and she will be starting today for the USA against North Korea. However, her health is in question.

An hour before the game, ESPN reported on SportsCenter that Solo had received a pain killing injection in that right shoulder and that she does not have full extension of her right arm. If she is able to play, she's worth having in the lineup simply for her leadership skills and anticipation. Her command of her area and quick reaction time are possibly the best in the world. Still, it's mildly concerning when your starting goalkeeper has trouble extending her right arm.