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Germany Really Cares About The Women's World Cup

Germany sold out the 73,680 seat Olympiastadion for their opening match of the Women's World Cup, but it wasn't just the fans who had tickets that cared about the tournament. According to state network ARD, 14.09 million Germans tuned in to watch Germany's opening match, a new record for a women's match in Germany.

The entire country has hopped on the Women's World Cup bandwagon with it being plastered on the front page of newspapers, full stadiums and apparently, spectacular TV ratings as well. The success of the 1999 Women's World Cup in the United States is well-documented, but it remains the only tournament to really capivate a country. The U.S. wan't captivated by the 2003 Women's World Cup and China wasn't really drawn to the 2003 tournament. It appears as if Germany is all in on this Women's World Cup though.

Prior to Sunday's opening match, the highest rated women's match in Germany was the 2003 final when 10.48 million viewers watched the Germans defeat Sweden for the tournament title. That record has been shattered and now we look forward to the rest of the tournament, which promises full stadiums and so long as the German team isn't eliminated, great fanfare.