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USA Vs. Canada, Gold Cup 2011: Canucks Capable Of Upsets - Eighty-Six Forever

As one of the two Canadian-based blogs on our soccer network here at SB Nation, Eighty-Six Forever is doing a little bit of talking about Gold Cup 2011 and the Canadian national team. Tonight, they take on the United States in Group C action, kicking off Gold Cup play for both teams. The USA are the favorites, unsurprisingly, but not as heavy of favorites as you might think.

This year's Canadian team is the best and deepest team that they have taken to Gold Cup in quite some time, and they have a few players capable of providing the United States with some legitimate problems. As Ben points out, Canada has what it takes to upset almost anyone in Gold Cup:

As for Canada, well, anything I say about them will reek of partiality. They're not perfect, but they have a stronger team than usual as well as the depth to cope with a few injuries. For once, goalkeeping isn't a question and the midfield finally seems more-or-less settled. There are no Paul Stalteri types clinging on for one last ride. Except for Mexico, I think beating every team in this tournament is within the bounds of reason for the Canucks.

Of course, it's worth pointing out that Ben added that qualifier, "Except for Mexico." There seems to be a general consensus that Mexico is a class above the field this year, but we won't find out if that's true until the likes of the United States, Canada, and Costa Rica get a shot at El Tri. Tonight's game might give us an indication of whether or not the former two teams have a chance.