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Doncaster Rovers Mascot Fired After Underwear Photoshoot

This is one of the stranger stories to have come along in some time. Tracy Chandler (aka 'Donny Dog', Doncaster Rovers mascot) has been fired from her unpaid role with the team after posing for a newspaper wearing lingerie, with the Donny costume prominently displayed - and, critically, without informing the team or asking permission for the photoshoot.

Chandler has protested, but her words have fallen on deaf ears as the club insists it has been disgraced by her actions. Doncastler's condemnation and general sense of moral superiority, of course, would carry more weight if the club's head of media and PR, Steve Uttley wasn't also an amateur photographer with pictures of Chandler in lingerie and the Donny Dog costume in his portfolio. Whoops! It does seem a bit rich to castigate her for an unauthorised shoot when see's already done something very similar with a senior member of the backroom staff, doesn't it?