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Odds Of Major League Soccer Expanding To Las Vegas Just Got Longer

The odds of MLS putting team No. 20 in Las Vegas were always a bit long, but any chance of Sin City getting the next expansion team looks doomed after the stadium deal that would have made a move possible appears dead. The developer had been seeking a special sales tax that would have helped fund the nearly $2 billion, three-stadium project, but the Nevada legislature failed to approve it. 

Christopher Milam, the developer who was behind the deal, was hoping to purchase a 63-acre lot across Las Vegas Boulevard from the Mandalay Bay. He was then planning to build three stadiums that would have an outdoor facility that could house a MLS team, a baseball stadium and an indoor arena. Milam had already agreed to buy the Triple-A Las Vegas 51s, something that he now seems to be having second thoughts about, according to comments he made to the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

"I can't pay what I agreed to pay for the 51s and leave them at Cashman Field," Milam said.