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Four More Mexican Players Reportedly Test Positive For Banned Substance

Four more Mexican players have reportedly tested positive from the banned substance clenbuterol, but have not failed doping tests. This follows news that five players were banned for testing positive for the same substance a month ago.

Mexican Football Federation president Justino Compean was quick to point out that the positive tests were for trace amounts. They also refused to release the names:

"Any of us could have these traces (shown by the four players). They are nothing more than traces but these haven't reached a level which would be classified as doping," added Compean.

The news continues a tumultuous off-the-field period for the FMF. In addition to the nine players testing positive for a banned substance, eight players were kicked off the Copa America team after they allegedly allowed prostitutes into their hotel rooms. Israel Jimenez, Nestor Vidrio, Jonathan Dos Santos, Marco Fabian, Jorge Hernandez, Javier Cortes, David Cabrera and Nestor Calderon were also fined the equivalent of about $4,200.