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Women's World Cup 2011 Quarterfinals, USA Vs. Brazil: USWNT Leads At Halftime, But Is Just Hanging On

At halftime of their 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup quarterfinal matchup, the United States is leading Brazil by a score of 1-0, but it doesn't necessarily feel like they're winning the game. Since the own goal that Brazil put in just 90 seconds into the match, it's been an exciting up and down match with Brazil having more clear cut chances and the better of the play. Thanks to some good luck and some good play from Hope Solo the USWNT is holding onto their lead, but they will need more of the ball - or a quick goal - to keep that lead.

Brazil look most dangerous on the break, where their speed has been tough for the U.S. to deal with. The United States back line - particularly Amy LePeilbet and Rachel Buehler, has been better than their match against Sweden, but not exactly by a wide margin. The U.S. has a very good chance at scoring another goal and winning this game, but it would be surprising to see Brazil go the entire match without scoring a goal.

The midfield is where the USWNT has struggled, as Carli Lloyd and Shannon Boxx have not tackled well, have been caught out of position, and don't look like simple passes are part of their gameplan. The United States are a big and fast team who are good on the break and good playing a direct style, but a little bit of possession would probably go a long way in the second half. Megan Rapinoe, Tobin Heath and Lori Lindsey are all available on the bench, and if any of them are used they could seriously help the United States keep the ball.