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Copa America 2011 Quarterfinals, Brazil Vs. Paraguay: Fight Breaks Out, Sees Lucas And Alcaraz Sent To The Showers

Oh dear me. Sergio Pezzotta has had a lot of work to do in dealing with a fight between Lucas Leiva, Antolin Alcaraz and a supporting cast that essentially involved all eleven men on each team. It started with a simple tackle on the Paraguay left, and although it looked like there was a foul involved, the retaliation turned into kicking and stamping before Lucas decided to hurl himself, elbows swinging, into the fray.

Alcaraz didn't exactly react kindly to seeing Nelson Valdez take a flailing limb to the back of his head, and he replied in kind to Lucas - and in full view of Pezzotta. Eventually, the goalkeepers arrived to pull their players out of the scrum that had developed around the two combatants, and after the dust had settled, Pezzotta had no alternative but to call Lucas and Alcaraz over and show them both a straight red card. That wasn't very clever behaviour from the pair of them, tired or not.

It's still 0-0, and the fight lasted long enough to essentially take us into the second period of extra time. We're very close to a penalty shootout now...

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