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Carlos Tevez Corinthians-Bound As Manchester City Agree Transfer Fee

This whole thing feels like a rather silly joke. When Corinthians first bid for Carlos Tevez, it was met with raised eyebrows rather than any sort of genuine emotion. There was absolutely no way the club had the money for the transfer fee or the sort of wage structure that could accommodate a genuine superstar, said most of the world. Manchester City, meanwhile, said that£ 35M was too low. The bid would have to be improved.

Well, now the bid has been improved, and to make a weird situation even crazier, City have only gone and accepted Corinthians' new offer:

Mancini says fee has been agreed with Corinthians for Tevezless than a minute ago via Ovi by Nokia Favorite Retweet Reply

The fee is reported to be in the region of £39M, and although the money involved still doesn't pass the smell test it's not as though the Manchester Evening news is particularly prone to flat out making things up. This sounds like it's actually happening. Bizarre.

Of course, a move like this doesn't happen without a corresponding counter-move, and there's a very strong rumour flying around that Atletico Madrid striker Sergio 'Kun' Aguero will be headed to City to replace their departed captain. If the transfer fees are equivalent, City have probably gotten themselves an excellent deal. Aguero is close to Tevez's level, younger, and should command far less in terms of wages.

We'll have more on the situation as it develops/becomes less obviously insane.