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Sergio Aguero To Leave Atletico This Week, Probably Manchester City-Bound After Carlos Tevez Departure

With Carlos Tevez's departure looking like a foregone conclusion at this point, the rumour mill is turning to the fallout of Manchester City's talisman escaping to Corinthians. Word is that Roberto Mancini will use his 39M windfall to make a run at Atletico Madrid and Argentina striker Sergio Aguero, and the comments coming out of Aguero's camp don't exactly cast doubt on that particular rumour, with his agent saying that a move will be decided within the week:

[Aguero] wanted the Copa America to end to sit down and talk. During this week everything will be settled. Aguero has made a lot of important things for Atletico. He renewed his contract when he was one year away from becoming a free agent, he has played over 200 matches, he spent two years without vacations

He is thankful to the fans and to the club's board. We have been talking about this for two months.I talk to the club's chiefs on a daily basis, and if it was hard for them to accept at the beginning, they have assumed it and there are no problems. He wants his career to grow, this has nothing to do with the money.

He doesn't mention Manchester City by name, but they're one of the few big clubs with the need and means to sign an expensive, elite striker. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but this is one rumour which looks like it will pan out, and fast. It'll be strange seeing City play without Tevez, but it certainly seems like a good bit of business if they can get Aguero on lower wages than what they were paying Tevez.