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2011 Women's World Cup: Japan Victory Inspires A Nation

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While American audiences were heartbroken to watch the US women's team lose in penalty kicks in the 2011 World Cup Finals, Japan's victory was a boon to a nation that's had its fair share of suffering in the past year.

"This is really a happy moment for the Japanese to boost up the energy, because we've heard so many tragedies and bad stories," said Romi Satoh, a native of Hokkaido, Japan. "And this is something to really energize people."

Lost in our disappointing and constant-tweeting is the fact that this is the greatest moment in the history of Japanese women's soccer. And it couldn't have come at a better time, for the team and for the country.

"Everybody in the Japanese national team has received some kind of power and strength from those Japanese who strive for rehabilitation after the earthquake and the tsunami," he said. "On the other hand, those who are struggling for rehabilitation and reconstruction in Japan have received a lot of strength and power and encouragement from this Japanese national team."

It was Japan's first trip to the World Cup final and the first time an Asian country has won the trophy since the tournament began in 1991.

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