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No Deal For Carlos Tevez Yet, Say Corinthians

On Monday morning, Roberto Mancini apparently told reporters that a deal had been agreed to sell Carlos Tevez to Corinthians in Brazil, ending a weeks-long pursuit of the Argentina striker. All was set for the subsequent acquisition of Sergio Aguero, then? Not quite. Apparently, nobody told Corinthians:

Because of news reports this morning of an agreement between Corinthians and the striker Carlos Tevez, president Andres Sanchez is keen to clarify that Manchester City has not accepted Corinthians' offer for the player.

In fact, the club (City) sent a counter-proposal, which, due to the time difference, has only just reached the Corinthians board this morning. In the counter-proposal, the Premier League club asks for changes in the form of payment and also in the total value of the transaction.

Finally, the president Andres Sanchez advises that there is no concrete agreement with Tevez at this time and the counter-proposal will be analysed by him and the board.

Because we were really really keen on finding a way to make this transfer seem even more shady than it already did. City have not agreed with Corinthians on Tevez's price, but they have set it. Maybe that's what Mancini meant? This whole thing just keeps getting stranger and stranger