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Carlos Tevez Move To Corinthians Falling Apart Over Payment Plan

The Carlos Tevez saga just will not come to an end. The striker's £40m move to Corinthians looked like it was a done deal, then was thrown into a state of flux and now the Brazilian club says they are "pessimistic" a deal will get done. One of Tevez' representatives called the deal "unlikely" and it appears as if the financial structure of the deal is what will keep the transfer from happening.

City are demanding £8.7 million in immediate payment with the remaining money for the fee paid out over time. While that is only a fraction of the total fee, Corinthians cannot pay that up front. That isn't a complete surprise considering that the transfer would double the Brazilian record transfer fee and more than quadruple Corinthians biggest ever transfer. City is also asking for bank guarantees on the fee.

Corinthians deputy director of football Dullio Monteiro Alves confirmed that the initial payment is the biggest road block right now, saying, "I'm pessimistic. City want us to start the payments now, and we cannot do that."

After more than a year of his asking for a transfer and discontent with Manchester City it appeared as if it would all come to an end with a move to Corinthians. City manager Roberto Mancini even said that they had agreed to a fee with Corinthians. That seemed to have been the final step in Tevez's move back to South America, where he would like to go, but then Corinthians said there were still hurdles. Now it looks like those hurdles will keep the deal from going through.

The Brazilian transfer window closes on Wednesday so there isn't much time for Corinthians and City to finalize the deal. The deal is not completely dead and the two sides will speak again, but there is a very clear and significant gap that the two must bridge.

"Unfortunately, the negotiations at the moment are unlikely to end with an arrangement for Corinthians," one of Tevez's representatives Adrian Ruocco said. "The only thing that is stopping the transfer is this issue of the first installment. But let's wait until Wednesday, as it's the only thing we can do."

With this deal looking dead it appears as if the world will be subjected to at least another five months of Tevez wanting out of Eastlands, City demanding more money in the fee and nobody being able to match it. There will be pouting and fighting between Tevez and Mancini. It will all get even more tiresome, except to City supporters, who will be thrilled to see him back in blue and resuming his duties as the English Premier League's top striker.