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Napoli Owner Aurelio De Laurentiis Threatens Entire Nation Of Uruguay

Edinson Cavani, who scored 26 goals in Serie A for Napoli last season, and was a driving force behind their entry into the Champions League, was injured in Uruguay's Copa America match against Chile on July 9th, and has not played since. Although it first appeared as though he'd simply taken a knock, Cavani in fact twisted his knee, and photos from the treatment room show his face distorted in pain -- terrifying for any fan of the forward.

So terrifying, in fact, that Napoli owner Aurelio De Laurentiis has issued a stern warning to...the entire nation of Uruguay, it appears: "Uruguay better be careful otherwise I will bring a never ending case against them." ADL also came out with this gem: "I'll kill them if they've broken my Edinson."

De Laurentiis will be backed by an entire azzurri army, so Uruguay might want to start reinforcing its borders. Or perhaps surrender Gonzalo Jara to the waiting mob.