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FIFA Women's World Cup 2011, Australia Vs. Equatorial Guinea: Matildas Win 3-2 In Wild Match

If you needed a morning wake-up call, the 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup match between Equatorial Guinea and Australia might have been a good choice to get your motor running this morning. The two teams played an absolutely thrilling game which some bad refereeing made unnecessarily more tense, but despite some bad mistakes by the official, the right team won in the end. It looked like the Matildas were going to be undone by a bad call early in the match, but they recovered in the second half and recorded a 3-2 win over Equatorial Guinea.

Leena Khamis got Australia off to a great start with an early goal, and it looked as iff they were going to double that lead very early on. Collette McCallum, who had an absolutely outstanding game, hit the post in the 15th minute of the game with a great effort and it appeared that Australia would have some kind of second chance scoring opportunity. However, Equatorial Guinea defender Bruna inexplicably picked up the ball and held it for three seconds, after which the referee inexplicably did not give a penalty kick for handball. 

Equatorial Guinea's superstar Añonma equalized shortly afterwards, inciting fears that Australia had been badly affected by the blown call and that they would not recover. However, it seems as if coach Tom Sermanni must have lit an absolute fire under his team in the locker room at halftime, as they recovered from the setback brilliantly at the start of the second half, as Emily Van Egmond and Lisa De Vanna quickly scored two goals to put their team back ahead by a score of 3-1. Añonma pulled one back, completing her brace, but it wasn't enough for Equatorial Guinea as they fell 3-2. The loss eliminated them from the competition, while Australia won't know much about their status until the late game.