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Alex Ferguson's Hairdryer In Action

A delightful video here, featuring Sir Alex Ferguson chastising The Mail On Sunday's Bob Cass for some allegedly inaccurate quotes regarding Wesley Sneijder. Spying the journalist in the mixed zone, Ferguson wastes no time in wading in with some Big Boys' Language to tell Cass exactly what he thinks of him. WARNING: Some decidedly NSFW language in this video.


Well, there you have it. It appears to be a lower setting of the famous 'hairdryer', and since Cass was formerly a friend of Ferguson's, it may be the quieter, 'I'm not angry, just disappointed' version reserved for those previously in favour. Then again, you have to be slightly peeved to turn the air blue with a camera pointed at your face. Cass' protestations appear to be something along the lines of 'I'll show you my copy...', but it's difficult to make it out precisely, as opposed to Ferguson's Glaswegian drawl. Strange how some words tend to be easier to hear than others.