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VIDEO: Beautiful Passing Sets Up Nani Goal For Manchester United Vs. Manchester City

Glorified friendly or not, the FA Community Shield was worth watching. It was open and exciting. There was some bad blood between Manchester United and Manchester City. The Red Devils made a great comeback. City looked flummoxed. Oh, and United also made some pretty with this goal. 

Tick, tick, tick, tick, goal! That is how you break down a defense with perfect and precise passing and movement in small spaces. Wayne Rooney, Nani and Tom Cleverley all got in on the action for the gorgeous goal that left City helpless, although I suppose if Roberto Mancini had just played with three defensive midfielders this could have been stopped, right, Roberto?

This goal would equalize the match for United, who trailed 2-0 at halftime. In injury time Nani would add a second goal, that one the game-winner as the Red Devils completed the comeback. This being a glorified friendly, nobody will remember the scoreline of this match for long, but they sure will remember United's brilliant second goal.