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VIDEO: CJ Sapong Serenades Hope Solo (Yes, You Read That Right)

On the list of awkward things you'll watch today, Sporting Kansas City rookie CJ Sapong's serenade/rap to Hope Solo is right up there. There's just no way around it, it's absolutely cringe-worthy, especially the introduction and the subsequent restart.

But make it through all the way to the end and even the icy hearts out there are likely to melt. It's clearly a heart-felt exchange and Sapong is quite clearly smitten with the best women's goalkeeper in the world. And truth be told, starting the rap over again was totally worth it as the second time around was clearly much better.

Possibly the best part of the whole video has nothing to do with Solo or Sapong, who is quite the rising star himself. Rather, check out the reactions of the Solos USWNT teammates. Abby Wambach is obviously enjoying herself as are the rest of the team, who are probably hovering somewhere between pity and jealousy.