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VIDEO: Only Women And Children Allowed At Fenerbahce Match, Erupt After Goal

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Fenerbahce are known for having some of the most boisterous fans in the world that fill their home stadium with deafening noise and when they played on Tuesday night, they had that, but the noise was quite the same. That's because the noise came from all women and children. Because of a pitch invasion in the previous match, Fenerbahce were ordered to play two matches behind closed doors with no fans in the stand. Fenerbahce appealed, asking to play the match in front of only women and children under 12 years old. Their appeal was granted and the women and children filled the stadium, giving them this awesome scene.

When it was announced that only women and children would be allowed into the match, there were some people questioning what the attendance and atmosphere would be like. Then the morning of the match, there was a line several thousand women long wearing their jerseys and scarves waiting to get their tickets. The interest, attendance and atmosphere, all brilliant.

The pitch invasion is only the latest in a series of issues facing Fenerbahce. They are currently under investigation for match fixing, an investigation that has already cost them their spot in this year's Champions League. Despite being defending league champions, this isn't the best of times for the club, but these women and children lighting up Sukru Saracoglu Stadium is just awesome.