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2012 MLS Schedule: League Likely To Break For World Cup Qualifiers, Start Earlier

Major League Soccer will likely open its season the weekend of March 10 in order to allow for a trio of breaks during World Cup Qualifying weekends, Toronto FC officials reportedly told season-ticket holders on Thursday. The report in Canadian Soccer News also indicates that club officials added further confirmation to earlier reports from SB Nation that the schedule would likely consist of 34 games.

If the opening weekend is indeed scheduled for March 10, the league's First Kick would almost certainly be on the previous Thursday. That would make for the earliest ever start to a MLS season.

Such an early start could have ramifications on CONCACAF Champions League quarterfinals, which are scheduled for March 6-8 and 13-15. This would almost certainly mean the season will open someplace other than Seattle's CenturyLink Field, which has hosted First Kick in each of the last three years as the Sounders have already qualified for the quarterfinals.

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