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MLS Transfer Rumor: Gerald Asamoah Says Next Stop America

Gerald Asamoah, a former German international and Bundesliga player, says he's heading to MLS.

Bongarts/Getty Images

Former German international Gerald Asamoah has apparently told the the website GhanaWeb that he is preparing for a move to Major League Soccer. Asamoah was mum on which team he would be joining, but depending on his price any number of teams could be interested in the 33-year-old forward/midfielder who has spent most of his professional career in the Bundesliga and made 43 appearances with the German national team.

Asamoah most recently played for St. Pauli, but does not appear to have made the move with them after being relegated back in May. Presumably, Asamoah is a free, so there would be no transfer fee in order to bring him to MLS.

The question is how much would Asamoah cost and how much does he have to bring to a MLS team. During his last Bundesliga season, he scored six goals and had six assists in 27 matches. Those are not bad numbers, but he does not appear to have been playing since May. During his 306-game Bundesliga career, he scored 50 goals after spending the bulk of his career with Schalke 04. He also appeared in two World Cups, playing in a total of four games in 2002 and '06.

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