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VIDEO: Robbie Findley With His Miss Of The Year Submission

Robbie Findley earned a reputation in the United States for being fast , but struggling with that shooting the ball on goal thing. That's something that could be a problem for a striker. This problem started in Major League Soccer then showed itself in international play with the U.S., but now the problem has extended to England too. It's unlikely that the story of his exceptional missing abilities will be confined to the U.S. and England for long though. Not after his miss for Nottingham Forst today. Now he's in the running for miss of the year and when you get into that competition, everyone knows.

Even for Findley this is bad. Instead of kicking the ball he could have just run his body into the ball and nudged it over the line. Awkward, sure, but it would be more efective than his kicking the ball. Right now for Finley, a lot of things would be.