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VIDEO: Cristiano Ronaldo Goal Gives Real Madrid Lead Vs. Barcelona

It took a hair under 11 minutes, but Real Madrid jumped out in front of Barcelona in the first leg of their Copa del Rey clash at the Bernabeu thanks to their star, Cristiano Ronaldo. Karim Benzema began the play with a ball into space that Ronaldo ran onto and despite being on his weaker left foot, was able to fire past Jose Manuel Pinto. Oh yeah, Pinto, the guy who is really the star of this play. Check him and Ronaldo out in the video.

It's safe to say that Pinto should have made the stop. That doesn't mean Ronaldo didn't do well to get free and strike with his left, but that's a save that should be made. It's a save that Victor Valdes makes. Yes, Valdes, Barcelona's starting goalkeeper, who isn't fit to play today due to illness. That could end up costing Barcelona the match because with him and not PInto in goal, you have to imagine that the save is made and this one is still scoreless.