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VIDEO: Ghana Dance, Sing, Win The Gold Medal For Awesome At Cup Of Nations

Who are the best dancers and singers in the world? If you said anyone on Broadway or nominated for a Grammy, you're wrong. The correct answer is anyone playing for Ghana. They win on account of the extra credit they get in the "awesome" category of the scale for the performance they put on the night before their Africa Cup of Nations clash with Botswana. Expert preparation, expert awesome.

Of course, Ghana defeated Botswana. As one of the tournament favorites, Ghana winning wasn't much of a surprise. Match reports credited Ghana's fantastic midfield play and ability to dominate possession after the red card handed out to John Mensah as the reason for the Black Stars' triumph, but those match reports are full of lies and garbage. Ghana won because of their preparation, which is code for their superior song and dance skills, aka their awesome skills. Fact. It's been scientifically proven.