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Lionel Messi To Grace The Cover Of TIME Worldwide, Except In USA

You may have heard of this Lionel Messi fellow. He's rather good at soccer and does it for the best team in the world. With three consecutive Ballon d'Or award, he's a record-setter and has 10-minute highlight videos dedicated just to him. At just 24 years old, he's already being compared to Pele, Diego Maradona, John Cruyff and the rest as the best player to ever play the sport.

Apparently the U.S. doesn't care about Messi, or at least that's what TIME Magazine thinks. Next week, "King Leo" will be on the cover of TIME all over the world, except in the U.S., where they are going with "The Power of (Shyness)."


This is either the best trolling ever by TIME or a dash of cold water on the face of American soccer fans that the sport hasn't quite hit the mainstream the way that soccer fans would like to believe. Probably the latter.

(H/T Eric Beard)