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Best Transfer Story Ever: Fake Video Compels Liverpool To Spend £20m On Stewart Downing

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Liverpool have finally figured out how video technology and editing works, but only after spending £20 million on Stewart Downing. In an effort to sell season tickets, Aston Villa produced a video prior to last season that showed Downing kicking balls into five trash cans from a long distance using fancy video editing that's not really so fancy and everyone has seen 100 times. The problem is that Liverpool was on Netscape, got the video sent to their Hotmail email address and thought it was real.

"There was some footage of Stewart where he was, from 30 yards away, kicking a football into five different trash cans and it was brilliant," Liverpool chairman Tom Wener said. "John and I said: ‘Oh my God, this player is brilliant, we’ve got to figure out a way to make a deal with him’."

As you can see, that video is not real, but the £20 million Liverpool spent most certainly is. We are now searching for the video that compelled them to spend £35 million on Andy Carroll.